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Like many people, at some point in my young life I was taking pictures.  I grew up in the era of film photography.   I can honestly say I can't recall what type of camera I used initially.  Some simple point and shoot film camera, not even a true 35-millimeter.  I remember using a Canon EOS film camera at some point.  My early efforts were less than inspiring.  As I was focusing on my other career, my photography hobby was put on the shelf only to come out whenever I travelled.

As the digital age of photography thrust upon us I picked up my hobby with some point and shoot cameras and began taking pictures.  After several years I decided I wanted to learn how and take better photos.  That's when I purchased my first DSLR.  Continuing my learning curve, not only with DSLR cameras, but with the subjects I wanted to shoot I can honestly say after 10+ years I'm still learning and enjoying photography.   Several years ago I began decorating my residence with photos I've taken.   With a lot of positive feedback from my family and friends I was encouraged to take the next step and begin a business opportunity and offer my favorite photographs for acquisition so that others may enjoy them as much  (hopefully) as I do. 

I live near the coast in Southern California, therefore it's very easy for me to go down to the beach and shoot.  I have been especially drawn to photographing sunsets and have focused time and attention to capturing that time of day in my images.   I've always found that time of day to be so peaceful and relaxing. and really enjoy being on the beach at the end of the day.  It was a natural extension of my time on the beach to learning how to best photograph those moments for their beauty and personal reflection.  The added benefit is that every sunset is different and constantly changing.  As a result I've devoted a section of my gallery to sunsets.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. 

From my travels and personal adventures in California, I have the opportunity to visit and photograph amazing scenes and wildlife. As I enjoy backpacking and long day hikes (I've been known to hike 20+ miles in a day) I'm able to visit places and capture images most people will not have the opportunity to see in person. While I always bring my camera gear with me, many times the pictures I take on any given day are just to remember the event. However, on those day when all the elements come together to create a spectacular scene; it's those days you've prepared to capture the moment forever.


I've been fortunate to have travelled to four continents and many parts of the United States and look forward to future adventures. My travels have taken me to some great places for wildlife viewing. I enjoy seeing wildlife in its native habitat and after photographing them have made greater attempts to capture their distinctive personalities in their home.  There is a lot to be said for watching lions from less than 30 feet away.

Thanks for visiting my website and viewing the images.  I hope you find something to enjoy and acquire.


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