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Print and Shipping Information

Printing Material:

Through the years I've printed my images on various media.  As I've continued my education in the field of photography, my selection of material on which to showcase my images has evolved with the knowledge I've accumulated.

After extensive research and my own personal experience I’ve decided to offer my photographs printed on Fujiflex Crystal Archive / Fujicolor Crystal Archive Deep Matte printing materials and work only with labs that have extensive experience and knowledge printing on these materials.

Fujiflex is a white polyester-based material for use with conventional and laser printers, Fujiflex Crystal Archive Printing Material produces rich image color and pure whites with exceptional surface gloss and flatness.  Fuji Deep Matte is known for rich color reproduction range with high color saturation, ideally suited for commercial use.  Fuji Crystal Archive paper is known in the industry to be one of the longest lasting printing materials. When displayed properly you can be assured you are investing in photographic art that will last a lifetime.

I’ve organized my galleries in three main categories: “Sunsets”, “Landscapes”, and “Wildlife”.  As a general rule ”Sunsets” and “Landscapes” images will be printed on Fujiflex Crystal Archive paper and “Wildlife” images on "Fuji Crystal Archive Deep Matte".  The reflective properties of the Fujiflex paper will bring out the vibrant colors of the sunset and landscape images.  The Fuji Crystal Archive Deep Matte work better for the textures and colors in wildlife images. (Please note that these papers will be used in their respective categories described here unless otherwise noted).

Mounting Options:

Customers have the option to purchase prints in one of two ways.

1.) Mounted Print on Aluminum: Prints will be professionally mounted to Aluminum, laminated to protect the print, and with a Wood Liner (also known as a Museum Mount). Aluminum is lightweight, smooth, and has a clean high glossy look. Ideal for all types of photography and digital prints. This type of material has been used in gallery and museum exhibits. It is very stable and durable, resistant to disfiguring, warping and buckling and lighter than regular Plexiglas.  Wood Liners are used for support, stability and as a cleat hanging system. It gives your piece a “floating look” where the work is suspended away from the wall. This hanging technique is very stable against unintentional movements or vibrations. Ordering this option means your print comes to you ready to hang.  Please note that while the lamination will provide some protection against sunlight fading, prints located in areas that receive direct sunlight will fade over time.

2.) Print Only: For those who prefer traditional framing, prints are available for order.  This choice is best for customers who would like to choose their own matting and framing options.  Please indicate when ordering if you would like the print signed (not everyone does).  



Producing professional quality photos takes time and as each print is made to order our goal is to get your image(s) to you as soon as possible (usually within 2-4 weeks from ordering).  Ground shipping to destinations in the Continental United States is calculated at the time of checkout (via PayPal).  Shipping Rates will be as follows:

Purchase                                                                                                                             Shipping

Price from:                                                    To:                                                                 Rate:         

$0.01                                                              $599.00                                                       $40.00                                         
$599.01                                                         $999.00                                                        $80.00                                         
$999.01                                                       $1,399.00                                                     $120.00                                         
$1,399.01                                                    $1,799.00                                                     $160.00                                         
$1,799.01                                                    $2,499.00                                                     $195.00                                         

​Please contact us if you desire expedited shipping, are placing a large order, or need your purchase shipped to destinations outside the Continental United States.

Each piece will be inspected prior to shipping to insure it meets my values and standards and to verify you will receive a pristine product.  If you do receive a print in less than perfect condition, it will be replaced upon return receipt of the damaged print.  Please contact us if you have any questions.


Due to personal choices and logistical concerns it would not be feasible to offer framing on any images, but if you choose to order a print (no mounting) that will require framing we recommend that they be taken to your local framer to be professionally framed. This is important for aesthetic value but also because your print must be protected to ensure a long life.

We also recommend that prints be framed with museum glass, often referred to as conservation glass. Professional framers will know this term if you ask for it. This type of glass will best protect your print from fading caused by direct sunlight.  If you have any questions, or need suggestions for framing ideas please do not hesitate to contact us and ask.


Purchasing Prints:

Each image will be available as a limited edition until the maximum number of prints have been ordered (varies from Special Limited Edition  of 20 to Regular Limited Edition up to 50 - 350;  (cumulative total of all sizes and mounting options offered).  The image may remain on the website but will identified as unavailable to order once the maximum number of prints have been ordered.

To purchase a print, go to the gallery of the image you would to purchase and click on the Buy button located at the top of each gallery page.  This will take you to a shopping page specific to that gallery.  Simply click on the image you want and select the size and type of mounting you desire.  Then click on the Add to Cart button and it’s in your shopping cart.  Continue shopping or go to the Shopping Cart (on the menu) to finalize and pay for your purchase.

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