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A friend once asked my opinion on what makes a good sunset.  He thought my response would be perfectly clear skies. Not necessarily so I said.  For me exceptional sunsets are clouds in the distant skies, an opening at the horizon for the sunlight to illuminate the back and underside of the clouds.  I further explained due to light refraction, the best colors typically occur after the sun has settled below the horizon, henceforth the need for an opening in the clouds at the horizon.  For these reasons I usually make a point to be in position as much as 30 minutes before the sun passes below the horizon and as long as 30 minutes after the sun has set.

Sunsets are like a living breathing entity in constant flux.   As each sunset is different you never know what you're going to get from one day to the next, or even from one minute to the next as the conditions change.  One sunset can present numerous looks and opportunities to capture.  As you peruse through my galleries you’ll notice several sunset pictures were taken the same date.  I've included multiple images from the same sunset only when the views and colors change so dramatically to differentiate between the pictures.  Depending on composition and colors presented I may include 3 or even 4 pictures from a single sunset, but I promise each one will be significantly different as to distinguish itself from the others. I will never include or add similar or duplicate images. 

Often I will use objects in the foreground, usually the piers that are where I live.  Sometimes I find the cloud arrangements and colors so dramatic I'll forgo objects in the foreground and make the sky and clouds the primary subject.  Regardless of which style I use, I hope you find the pictures as colorful, interesting, beautiful, and relaxing as I do.

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