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Special Edition Art / Image Book - "Sunset Evolution"

I've always been intrigued by sunsets and find them to be the most tranquil part of my day.  Every so often I witness a sunset that is so amazingly beautiful and if I'm fortunate am able to capture images for my portfolio.  Usually one or two images convey the beauty of any particular sunset.  Rarely does a susnet present so many differnet looks that it requires a multitude of images to express it's beauty and story.  I feel fortunate that I've been a witness to a few of these mesmorizing events and even more so that I've in position to photograph one of these sunsets from beginning to end.  While I've selected a fews images from this sunset and made them available as individual prints, the sheer beauty and magnitude of changes in these sunsets inspired me to put together a special edition book showcasing the sunset from beginning to end.  This special edition book contains 24 glorious photographs (each photo covers a the full 2 page spread in the books) taken over a 35-40 minute timeframe, a narrative describing the day and my decision making process to photograph these beautiful events.  These books will be produced in limited quantities and each one will be individually numbered.  I've created a special art box to store your book (or you may select one of the other sleeves available). As with the custom art/image books the customer can select from a variety of options (cover options, leather types and colors, and storage sleeves) and I've left space on the introductory page for any personal message you would like to add.  Each book is custom ordered per your personal choices.


While I've made a few images from this sunset available as individual prints or inclusion in Custom Art/Image Books, I will never release the remaining images that make up the majority of theses special edition books as individual prints or for inclusion in Custom Art/Image Books.  I'm limiting the initial release to 25 copies of each (total combined number of all book sizes available) of a planned total release of 250 copies (each).   Each subsequent release (25 copy increments) will be priced higher.  All shipping fees are included, the only additional cost would be any applicable sales tax.

Special Edition Books are priced as follows:


16 x 20 Book (A):        $10,000


12 x 16 Book (B):        $6,500


9.5 x 13 Book (C):       $5,000 


8 x 12 Book (D):          $4,000


Please contact us if you have any questions or would like more information on ordering a Special Edition Book.  (Note:   Photographer reserves the right  to offer additional releases dependent on demand.  Any additonal releases will be priced at a significant premium to the initial offering).

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